Amendment 2
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Amendment 2 is for Everybody!

The statewide cap on non-homestead property tax increases is set to expire — and the repercussions will be felt across the entirety of Florida.

For the past 10 years, the statewide cap on non-homestead property tax increases has protected certain property owners from being hit with massive property tax hikes if the value of their property increases year to year.

The property tax cap is set to expire, leaving Florida’s communities in jeopardy.

By voting “YES” on Amendment 2, you can protect yourself and Florida’s renters, police and firefighters, business owners, teachers, communities, and more…

On November 6, 2018, vote “YES” on Amendment 2.

Amendment 2 is for YOU!

Amendment 2 protects YOU by keeping a cap on annual property tax increases.

Prior to the statewide cap on non-homestead property tax increases, taxes would often jump by over 10% year after year. Amendment 2 makes a 10% cap permanent, protecting residents and forever removing the threat of large tax hikes.

And Amendment 2 is good for everybody! It helps communities thrive by preventing excessive property taxes, protecting renters from rent increases, and ensuring Florida remains an affordable place to live, work, and do business.

Amendment 2 balances Florida’s need to protect its citizens and communities while maintaining and promoting economic opportunity. On November 6, 2018, you will have the opportunity to make this cap permanent by voting “YES” on Amendment 2.

Amendment 2 is for communities!

Amendment 2 helps communities thrive by preventing increases over 10% on certain property taxes. Before this cap was in place, local businesses were under threat of property tax spikes, and residents could be subject to soaring taxes and rent increases.

Amendment 2 is for renters!

Amendment 2 protects renters from unaffordable rent increases that would occur if landlords were to get hit with uncapped property tax assessments. Stable rent provides renters with security, and allows them to contribute to their community.

Amendment 2 is for business owners!

Local businesses are critical to the economic success of our state. Amendment 2 preserves their protection from large tax increases, allowing local businesses to thrive within their communities and keep prices low on the goods and services they sell.

Amendment 2 is for police and firefighters!

First responders are the bedrock of a safe and vibrant community and must be protected. Amendment 2 simply keeps in place a property tax cap that has existed for 10 years, which means funding for our emergency services will not be impacted.

Amendment 2 is for teachers!

The property tax cap kept in place by Amendment 2 does not apply to the funds that schools receive from property taxes. This means that the tax cap can continue to help communities thrive without impacting the great work our schools are doing to educate our children.

Amendment 2 has strong bipartisan support

To get on the 2018 ballot and be decided by Florida voters, Amendment 2 was first passed by our state legislature with overwhelming bipartisan support.
Senate: 100% Supported
House: 97% Supported