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11 Reasons Why You Should Become a Realtor

When you enter the ranks of Realtors, you join a 1.3 million-strong organization whose purpose is to help members succeed — from Day One!

Everyone values working with businesspeople who exemplify the highest professional standards. Part of the incentive for becoming a Realtor is to capitalize on that reputation. 

Realtors include residential and commercial sales associates, brokers, property managers, appraisers, counselors and others working in all aspects of the real estate industry.

What sets Realtors apart is a pledge and commitment to abide by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) Code of Ethics for conduct that sets standards to protect everyone involved in a real estate transaction. Members are required to take an online ethics course and pass an exam every two years to maintain their licenses. 

Obviously, working with a Realtor brings big benefits for consumers, but what’s in it for you? You may be wondering “why should I become a Realtor?” Take a look at these 11 amazing perks: 

1. Realtors are a well-known and trusted brand.

When you are a Realtor, you’re also part of a strong, familiar and positive brand worldwide. Only Realtors may use the term Realtor®in marketing and advertising materials. Only Realtors may wear the Realtor “R” pin, which is a 24/7 calling card that opens conversations and doors to sales, referrals and more business. 

2. You’re part of a 1.3 million-member family. 

There’s a tremendous return on investment, once you’ve joined your local Realtor board, that can be measured both in income and job satisfaction. 

The vast Realtor organization’s sole purpose is to help you succeed on all levels. By vast, we mean 1.3 million Realtors who collaborate and wield power for consumers, legislation and the profession. Association with a Realtor group leads to business partnerships, referrals and improved sales opportunities. 

3. Realtors have access to the MLS.

The Multiple Listing Services (MLS) is a powerful tool that helps listing brokers find cooperative brokers working with buyers to help sell their clients' homes. Realtors have spent many years and many millions creating this system for brokers to share property information — information that benefits buyers and sellers.

4. They get discounts on products and services.

Each level of the Realtor association network offers members hundreds of discounts – everything from hotel and travel discounts to office supply, insurance and listing service discounts – that add up to thousands of dollars saved. 

Florida Realtors partners with different businesses and organizations on your behalf, offering a variety of discounts and special offers. The Florida Realtors Rewards Partner list keeps growing. 

Florida Realtors and NAR( link to also partner with national and global vendors to offer an array of exclusive benefits

5. They have access to career-boosting classes and videos …

The Realtor organization is dedicated to helping you succeed in your career. That’s why we offer many discounted classes that are designed to fulfill continuing education requirements. The Florida Realtors Education Calendar lists GRI, continuing education, core law and Code of Ethics courses around the state. 

Plus, Florida Realtors also offers a huge video library filled with peer-to-peer advice to help you be the best at your job.

6. … and the latest market research.

Keep up with what’s going on in your local market and across the state with our monthly market video, housing sales data report as well as other timely research. Dig even dipper with our new Interactive Graphics to create individualized reports to suit your needs.

7. Realtors have countless networking opportunities. 

Once you become a Realtor, you’ll have an instant “in” to connect with professionals at industry and social events, as well as at leadership and legislative forums. Each year, both Florida Realtors and NAR hold popular conferences that draw thousands of the most talented and resourceful people in the business. 

8. They receive the most important industry news …

Daily, weekly monthly — Florida’s Realtors can find the latest news and trends, business tips and market updates from our award-winning website and magazine, Florida Realtor, as well as through our straight-to-your inbox newsletters. Nationally, you can subscribe to daily marketing industry news and opt to receive information for specific-interest groups at NAR.  

9. … free legal services … 

Florida Realtors offers members access to a FREE Legal Hotline, where members can call and speak with an attorney about issues that arise.  

10. and free tech services.

Florida Realtors also offers members FREE seven-day-a-week access to the Tech Helpline, which can be a lifesaver when you have an urgent question about technology, business forms and business products, such as Form Simplicity, MLSAdvantage and IDX.

11. Realtors make a difference. 

It’s true: When Realtors talk, legislators listen. Locally, statewide and nationally these advocacy groups are working to preserve the benefits of homeownership and protect private property rights. On each level, you’ll have ways to get involved and connect with your legislators.

Community outreach is a priority starting at the local level, so you can stand out in your community, whether it’s advocating for children, homeownership, education or the service sector. Realtors continually say that being a part of the community is one of the most satisfying aspects of a real estate career. 


Ready to become a Realtor? Here’s how

To become a Realtor, you must first join a local board or association. That membership automatically extends to the Florida Realtors state association and the National Association of Realtors — the largest trade association in the United States.  

Once your application is approved and dues are paid at your local real estate board or association, you are a Realtor.