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At Florida Realtors, we're dedicated to helping you be the best at your business. That's why we tap top real estate industry leaders to share the secrets to their success. With our Take 5 series, you'll hear advice on everything from marketing and listings to market research and tech trends — from been-there, done-that real estate pros.

Facts are facts. But facts can also be boring. Yes, the school may be just two blocks from the home you’re listing. Yes, the house may have a deck in the back yard. But what does that actually mean to potential buyers? That’s where storytelling comes in. Here’s a look at how to hone — and profit — from this craft.

First-time buyers are eager to learn. A 30- to 45-minute consultation is an excellent first step to find out their goals, expectations, answer questions, and explain the lending opportunities for first-time buyers. Watch the video for more tips.

Image recognition has come a long way. Tech company Real Scout developed the ability to grab MLS pictures, analyze and then tag them. For example, a photo of a kitchen can be tagged, and each appliance can be tagged by brand and model. At, you can see photo items that are available by price and vendor. 

You can build a successful real estate business from scratch if you are willing to work really hard. The essentials include a strong business plan, time management skills and a strict budget that will cover start-up costs. Find an office environment that fits your lifestyle and a mentor who’s willing to share business ideas.